TM 451

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An obstructed sewer creates much more problems than a black-out.
VIDOTTO’s all-round experience in civil and industrial crushing machines, brought to the setting up of a new type of grinder able to solve definitively the problem of the drainage system obstructions.
TM 451 will be placed at the most suitable point of the drain pipe and there will start grinding every kind of solid waste (i.e. rags, nylon, paper, paperboard, wood shavings, etc.). This grinder works exactly like a pump: it transports the crushed materials through the water directly to the main sewers. Furthermore, when someone owns sewers placed at a lower level than the main ones (i.e. half-buried or constructions on slopes), the use of TM 451 permits the removal of the generic pumps.
TM 451 allows besides, plant savings, because it can work also with small-diameter drainage pipes.

Additional Info

  • Technical data:
    - Crusher set of 5.5 HP in special alloy;
    - Three-phase 220-380 V, 50 HZ, 5.5 HP;
    - Starting current: 16-10 A, with EC standards;
    - Power: 4 kW;
    - Switch buttons (forward, stop, reverse) with heat protection;
    - Watertight display: IP 55;
    - Waste suction inlet diameter: Ø 140 mm (Coes pipe 110);
    - External drain pipe diameter: Ø 3'' internally threaded 1'' ½, externally threaded 2'';
    - Discharge head: 40 MC/h to H=6 Mt;
    - Weigt: 100 Kg.
  • Equipped with:
    - Three-legged support or L shaped clamp.
  • Size:
    - Height: 755 mm.
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