B 701

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The garbage disposer Model B 701 is conceived for large community purposes like hotels, restaurants and hospitals.
B 701 crushes in two stages: firstly through a group of tempered-steel small pillars and  hammers, and then there is the refining crushing.
B 701 owns an original mechanical configuration that differentiates it from all the other machinery available on the market, because the motor is linked with the rotating components of the disposer through a set of belts, forming a cushioning element that is very useful for situations in which too big or too hard objects are introduced in the structure.

Additional Info

  • Technical data:
    - Crusher set of 7.5 HP with transmission belts;
    - Crusher components in alloy and high standard of carbon and nckelchrome;
    - Three-phase motor 220-380 V, 50 HZ, 7.5 HP;
    - Starting current: 21-12 A, with EC standards;
    - Ancillary controls 24 V;
    - Switch buttons (forward, stop, reverse) with heat protection;
    - Watertight display: IP 55;
    - Hydraulic circuit starting with water input;
    - Exhust diameter Ø 3'';
    - Disposal capacity: 400-600 Kg/h;
    - Weight: 330 Kg.
  • Equipped with:
    - Structure in stainless-steel AISI 304;
    - Iron structural frame to fit the disposer set;
    - Flexible metal hose of 120 cm of 3/4'' (for the link with the water channel).
  • Size:
    - Height: 850 mm;
    - Width: 700 mm;
    - Depth: 700mm.
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