T 402 MT

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The garbage disposer Model T 402 MT is conceived for community purposes like: fish markets, fruit and vegetable markets, canteens and restaurants. This model works through a simple milling process belt-based with ‘pump effect’: it crushes the waste and then expels the wastewater like a centrifugal pump. Even though the T 402 MT is one of the most economic machines of its category, owns characteristics that make of it a proper ‘mill’ for food waste.
T 402 MT is placed in a stainless-steel container bigger than the one of the model T 402, and has a wider worktop. This disposer crushes through specially treated steel hammers and is equipped with a double ring system that makes the activity totally watertight and keeps safe the space around the motor. Its rigid and compact structure guarantees an efficient employment of long duration. 

Additional Info

  • Technical data:
    - Crusher set of 4 HP with transmission belts;
    - Crusher components in alloy and high standard of carbon and nickelchrome;
    - Three-phase motor 220-380 V, 50 HZ, 4 HP;
    - Starting current: 6-4 A, with EC standards;
    - Low voltage external controls 24 V (optional);
    - Hydraulic circuit starting with water input;
    - Switch buttons (forward, stop, reverse) with heat protection;
    - Exhaust diameter: Ø 3'' internally threaded 1'' ½, externally threaded 2'';
    - Disposal capacity: 220-250 Kg/h;
    - Net weight: 140 Kg.
  • Equipped with:
    - Structure in stainless-steel AISI 304;
    - Stainless-steel structural frame AISI 304 to fit the disposer set;
    - Basin with Safety System for the prevention of accidents;
    - Flexible matal hose of 120 cm of 3/4'' (for the link with the water channel).
  • Size:
    - Height: 850 mm;
    - Width: 700 mm;
    - Depth: 700 mm.
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