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VIDOTTO: a 360 degrees firm

It is since 1969 that VIDOTTO DISSIPATORI operates in the field of waste crushing and management. With more than 30 models contained in the catalogue, is the firm that owns the greater number of devices for the treatment of the garbage. But not only: VIDOTTO DISSIPATORI is a 360 degrees firm, and owns also a cut and machanic works division, where the staff creates works that can be of small dimensions like objects for home decorating or cores of stairs, up to very large objects like tubing for aqueducts and irrigation systems. Through the use of systems like the laser cut and the waterjet, VIDOTTO DISSIPATORI guarantee always high quality and extra fine manufacturing.

Small solutions, for a better future

Have you ever thought how wonderful could it be if it was possible to get positive effects from the production of te garbage?
"...it would be a dream!" is surely the first thought that appeared in your mind, reading this sentence. 
It is exactly on this dream that VIDOTTO DISSIPATORI has been working on since the first years of operation of the company. Our crushing, grinding and disposing machines, are in fact not only small or big devices able to dispose of the garbage and the waste, easing the daily life. Beyond this primary role, they are able to recycle a part of the treated organic waste, transforming them in reusable material for the fertilization of the lands. Furthermore, most of them, once completed the dissipating process, produce a sort of water that can be used instead of the generic one for the watering of yards and parks, representing a chance for savings and preservation of this important source.
So, through an unique system, we are able to ease your life and help the environment, deleting also the smog and the pollution, cutting the number of the means for the collection of the garbage and the number of landfills, without taking in account the chance to save money.
If we can do it, why not?

The new website is online!

From the 6th October our new website in online, now available for all dispositive, smartphone and tablet too. 

Wetex 2014

The last mission of VIDOTTO DISSIPATORI in Dubai has just finished. The firm invested taking part as exhibitor at the WETEX 2014 exhibition, that has been organized inside the Arab Trade-Centre Za'abeel Hall. An exhibition focused on environmental problems and ecofriendly systems, that has allowed the cutting-edge firms, which take care of the needs of the planet, to get put in the spotlight. The systems exposed by VIDOTTO DISSIPATORI have been really appreciated, considering the local necessities, especially the big dehydrating systems and the shredders; referring specifically to the catalogue of VIDOTTO DISSIPATORI, we are talking about PULPER series and the models of th ERACLE series. With  this exciting experience and its positive final results, VIDOTTO DISSIPATORI has taken the first step towards the enlargement of its business also inside the Arabic Business world.

New destinations: toward Kurdistan

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On the 3rd April, VIDOTTO DISSIPATORI has taken part to a series of B2B meetings, with Kurdish buyers, set up and organized efficiently by the association Veneto Sviluppo. Th meetings were set at the branch of the Italian Chamber of Commerce in Treviso, in Borsa Square. Th daily program, following the plans, started with a panoramic of the Kurd history and culture, and kept on talking about statistics, underlining the main partnerships and necessities that the guests were searching for. After this general overview of the country, the topic changed into a focused analysis of the projects of greater interest, that the Kurdish buyers are interested in being supported by the Italians firms. VIDOTTO DISSIPATORI introduced its production and all the devices, that raised an high interest, both for the public and the private settings: public places like hospitals, and private locations like restaurants and housings. We can finally assume that VIDOTTO DISSIPATORI has planted a little seed also in this emerging country, with the hope that this could bloom soon, taking as example the many successful projects that VIDOTTO DISSIPATORI has carried out abroad.