Z 106

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The garbage disposer model Z 106 is conceived for community purposes like: fish markets, fruit and vegetable markets, canteens, restaurants and especially small and medium-sized boats. The disposer Z 106 guarantees perfect results also in extreme conditions, and can be provided or not with a stainless-steel container.
Z 106 allows, by breaking up the materials into micrometric parts, the disposal of: chicken and steak bones, fish bones and shells, vegetables, fruits, every kind of peel, leaves of vegetables, fruit stones, nut and egg shells, biodegradable paper, glass, etc. This disposer crushes the wastes avoiding their stagnation and putrefaction.
The installation is simple: the only essential condition is the possibility to insert a rammer of 2'' or 3'' (supplied with the disposer) in the sink. The disposer Z 106 may be easily installed on metal or ceramic sinks made up by one or two basins.