MIO Z 104

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The garbage disposer model MIO Z 104 is conceived for domestic purposes: essential at home, but useful also for caravans, canteens, health centers and many other places. It is easy to use: just turn on cold water and switch on the disposer. Inserting all food leftovers in the hole of the sink, MIO Z 104 will rapidly and entirely erase them, grinding them in micrometric fragments, that will be drained easily through the generic sewage pipe. MIO Z 104 is the only garbage disposer among the range of devices offered by VIDOTTO DISSIPATORI, that grinds revolving in a unique direction (it is not possible to revert the operation).
What does it dispose of?
MIO Z 104 allows the disposal of all the organic waste of kitchens: chicken and steak bones, fish bones and shells, every kind of peel, vegetables, fruits, leaves of vegetables, fruit stones, nut and egg shells, glass, etc.
It does not dispose of:
Metal works (cans, cutlery, etc.), rubber, elastic fibres, (rags, ropes, plastic bags, etc.). 
The installation is simple: the only essential condition is the possibility to insert a rammer of 2'' or 3'' in the sink. The disposer MIO Z 104 may be easily installed on metal or ceramic sinks made up by one or two basins.
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