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The ECOSATELLITE ERACLE A4 patented by VIDOTTO DISSIPATORI is conceived and produced as a machine able to select and crush in order to make the separate collection of the rubbish, crushing glass, plastic, tins, small cylinders, paper boxes, wooden boxes, shavings or small metallic pieces, animal bones and other organic materials.
ECOSATELLITE ERACLE A4 moves automatically above the different containers in which the different collected materials must be placed.

Additional Info

  • Technical data:
    - Crusher set of 4 kW;
    - Three-phase motor 220-380 V, 50 HZ, 5.5 HP;
    - Starting current: 16-14/10-8 A, with EC standards;
    - Hopper input area: 450 x 450 mm, depth 600 mm;
    - Safety System inside the hopper for the prevention of accidents;
    - Crusher components in alloy and high standard of carbon and nickelchrome;
    - Transmission at two shafts;
    - Speed of shafts: 8-16 RPM;
    - Thickness of the cutters: 5-10-15;
    - Collection in 4 units, at Euro standards.
  • Size:
    - Height: 2700 mm;
    - Width: 3700 mm;
    - Depth: 1020 mm;
    - Weight: 1250 Kg.
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