Small solutions, for a better future

Have you ever thought how wonderful could it be if it was possible to get positive effects from the production of te garbage?
" would be a dream!" is surely the first thought that appeared in your mind, reading this sentence. 
It is exactly on this dream that VIDOTTO DISSIPATORI has been working on since the first years of operation of the company. Our crushing, grinding and disposing machines, are in fact not only small or big devices able to dispose of the garbage and the waste, easing the daily life. Beyond this primary role, they are able to recycle a part of the treated organic waste, transforming them in reusable material for the fertilization of the lands. Furthermore, most of them, once completed the dissipating process, produce a sort of water that can be used instead of the generic one for the watering of yards and parks, representing a chance for savings and preservation of this important source.
So, through an unique system, we are able to ease your life and help the environment, deleting also the smog and the pollution, cutting the number of the means for the collection of the garbage and the number of landfills, without taking in account the chance to save money.
If we can do it, why not?